The footwear that is making my summer cool 🌞

I believe it’s safe to say that everyone obssessed with shoes, buys about a billion of them, but tends to stick to that one favourite, reliable, all purpose ones that just some how seem to go with every outfit, everyday. The ideal bff of shoes. 

Although, when you live in a city with a tremendous passion for constant weather fluctuations, it’s hard to have just one bff shoe. So instead, I usually end up with one per season. 

Lately though, with the white sneaker mania that has seemingly gripped the world, which incidentally, according to the recent surveys is a trend that’s here to stay, my last seasons most cherished, go to footwear were a pair of white and gold platformed sneaker, and a set white floral sneakers, both slight variants of the classic white sneakers. Also, let me add here, that being 5ft tall, and thus popularly termed  tiny, the platform sneakers have been #love. 

The white and gold sneakers, my everyday saviour
The floral, more edgy ones

But ever since the blast of torridity that we choose to call summer has hit Bombay (which is where I currently reside), wearing sneakers has got me being a hot mess, literally. 

So naturally, I had to say goodbye to my bff shoes and look for a substitute. 

And then it happened, like it does in films, one fine, hot & sweaty day, lazily strolling through the victorian era streets of Colaba, I found the one; the flawless summer flats. 

Sleek, breezy, neat, easy to slip in and out of, perfectly tan with a hint of sun kissed gold, and also perfectly affordable 🎉 Everything you’d look for in the perfect summer accessory 😋

So much summer in this one picture!

Thereupon we (summer bff shoes and I) strutted away into our happily ever after. Till summer lasts, of course. 😋


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