Being a materialistic minimalist : what I let go of

As mentioned in my last blog post, minimalism is a way of life I’ve chosen to adapt, and even as a materialist, it is much easier than it seems. Also yes, it does make a difference, and bonus: there are less chances of you getting sucked into becoming a corporate sellout (unless that’s what you want to do, if so, more power to you).

Not to preach, but it does make life simpler, there being less things to worry about, gives you the space to pursue the things that actually bring you joy. For me, that was blogging more, reading more, more yoga and most importantly more sleep 😋

For somebody like me, who has just barely started living on her own, it wasn’t so much about purging my home, as it was about sorting out what I do and don’t need to focus on. A mental cleanse, especially of my future purchases, like do I really need to save up for a ceiling hung lamp in my room, or another pair of heels, or another bag? And also a lot of – do I really want to work till 11pm everyday so I can buy the car I don’t really need and add to the pollution that noone really deserves?

But that aside, I did do a purge, and if you’re interested, here’s an idea of where to begin, based on where I began :

  • The “other” (insert object) : The things you have in bulk, like do you actually need a spare laptop? Or 3 different phone covers? Or (a number not to be disclosed) bags?
  • The emotionally attached objects : The hard copies of pictures from the 1st year of my college life, that I look absolutely terrible in, but symbolizes a memory? I think just the intangible memory in my head should suffice.
  • The unnecessary necessities : Three different types of bodywash + another bodyscrub +bathsalts (I do not own a bathtub 😑)  Well, to be fair, I did not throw them away, I consumed them, and stopped buying a ton of bath products that I don’t use.
  • The “what if”s : I owned fur shawls, and I almost bought a trenchcoat (pre-minimalim times),knowing full well that I live in Bombay, India, hot, tropical weather. But there was the what if I have to go to Iceland soon?    (Let me add here that, knowing me, if that were to happen, I would always buy new trenchcoats and leave the old untouched ones behind)
  • The done and dusted : The books you’ve finished reading and will probably never touch again, the old spare phone, the worn out, torn tshirt you won’t wear but used to be a hot look.
  • The need to impulse shop : “Hey, look, sale!”

De cluttering is just the first step to minimalism, or a simpler life. The key, is to stay decluttered, and not just when it comes to tangible assets, but also in the thought factory of your head. And it’s not that I don’t shop, I don’t think I’ll ever completely give up something that brings me so much happiness, but I am more sorted on what to spend on, rather than just bulk buying things that will make my life heavier.

So stay clear, stay focused, & stay happy.

Cheers 🌸


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