Summer-time tales

Summer is here, as is the heat, and the mangoes and the litchis, and yet sadly, the vacations lay absent. Just another reality of adulthood, that creeps up on our unprepared beings.

We go through 2 years of kindergarten, 12 years of school, and another 4 to 5 years of college knowing, and thoroughly believing summer brings with it the mandatory realms of the much awaited, often countdown-ed to, summer vacation. Oh how gullible we were as we took those little spurts of joys for granted.

Come adult life, and you bid goodbye to the imperative vacays. And thus, here I am, scratching away at my 9 to 9 job while dreaming about being spread out on a secluded beach somewhere, on some coast, under the setting sun with a glass of Pina colada. But since losing out on happiness isn’t something I’d like to waste time on, here are some of things I’ve scrunched together in order to make my summer “chill af” (well atleast as chill as it can get when you have a 9 to 9) , so if you’re somewhere, caught in the storm of adulthood, and are unable to access a vacation, here are some things you could enjoy instead:

  • The summer booklist : Because, the more you know,

    Never stop educating yourself, since you’re always dumber than future-you.

    Out of the scores of books I have in my set-by-default booklist, here are the few I’m choosing for the summer :  

Life after life (interesting perspective of life, deja vu, choices and alternate realities)

You are a badass, by Jen Sincero (Teaching the power of the universe that lies within you, because sometimes you don’t need to need a pick-me-up)

Two years, eight month and twenty eight nights (since I’m yet to try a Rushdie, and I’ve heard many a great things, and some fatwah)


  • Volunteering time/money/energy at a cause I’m aching to vouch for ( this particular case being an NGO dealing with sex workers in Mumbai)


  • The  movie marathon :

Again, picking from the pile of my to-be-watched, The star wars series (yes, I haven’t watched it, and it’s about time)

The Netflix LGBT-queue (get it, get it? 😛 ), because awareness isn’t about having just a month, or a day.

The Harry Potter series, because #potterhead for life


  • Wine nights : The title says it, wine nights with girl friends. Maybe cocktails, sometimes. And maybe along with the movies. Or a book.


  • Educating as many people as I can, and spreading awareness about everything (I believe) that needs change, because every voice makes a difference, whether it’s asking people to pick up their litter or signing a petition to Rally for Rivers – Saving the Rivers of India 


  • Artsy Sundays : One of my favourite things to do, tour the art galleries and museums of Bombay (and it houses quite a few). Bonus : Upping the Instagram game.


  • Making lists, setting targets, getting affairs in order. Because one always need to.

    Aspire more, inspire more.


  • Blogging 🙂 because do what brings you joy, in my case, that happens to be listening to myself being heard.


  • Meditate, practice mindfulness, it’s much less expensive than therapy would be.

May your summer be filled with sunshine & sun dresses, ice-lollies, and all of the pool-time, as a thank-you for investing your time into this post 🙂

Have a good summer you all !


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