Summer tales – The bikini vs pizza war

One last summertime rant before summer comes to an end.

Since the dawn of, well, summer, one of the most speculated of subjects brought about, is the summer body, to have or not to have.

To start at the very beginning, this whole motif of beach bodies seems to have catalysed the whole situation of body shaming. We’re always “too skinny”, or “too fat”. We all want to look like the Victoria’s Secret angels, and most of us don’t, and nobody should get to shame anybody, especially themselves, about it. But that’s an ideal world, one we don’t reside in, yet.

Every woman, VS Angel or not,  has her insecurities, especially with regards to her body. So I will say that we as women must, MUST, support each other, bring each other up, because ladies, we already have too many folds of society trying to bring us down (read patriarchy, sexism, misogyny), for us to also add ourselves to the list. Wearing a bikini shouldn’t be about what kind of body one has, but about frolicking in the sand and the sea, or the pool or even the bathtub, if you must. You know how you must always dance like no-one’s watching, well, it’s time to wear a bikini like no-one’s watching! So yes, I’m all for “beach + body = beachbody”.

That said, we come to the next segment of trends, which is the contamination of this widespread fight against body shaming, which has brought about two more adverse situations :

1. Skinny shaming has wildly become a thing, because somehow it’s less offensive to criticise someone for being too skinny than it is for being fat.

2. Words like plus size, and love-your-curves, being used an excuse to being unhealthy. And/or to settle for mediocrity, to not push to achieve the very best for your bodies, and ergo your minds.

Bodies come in different shapes and sizes, how you choose to maintain your body, is upto you. But glamourising an unhealthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a thing. So to simplify things, here are some things that need to wildly discussed and understood :

1. Being fit does not equal being skinny. So love your curves and edges, but also try not to cultivate diabetes, or anorexia.

2. Every woman has ger insecurities, don’t call a woman fat, and don’t call a woman skinny, know that it’s not your place to have an opinion, let alone dictate it.

3. Browse less media if you have to, but let go of society’s concepts of what’s beautiful and what’s not. Develop your own sense of beauty. Don’t preach it, don’t shove into people’s faces, but have one.

4. Make sure the number of people you praise, always triumphs over the number of people you condemned. Remember the whole “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? Yeah, take that seriously.

5. Love youself, your body. And pamper it, carefully and wholesomely.

So wear that bikini, eat that pizza, and preach some love!

Here’s an example of three girls, with three very different bodytypes, sharing the exact same happiness 😄


Happy summer! (Or what’s left of it)


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