As a 20-something, stepping into a world of ‘Adult-ing’ can be overwhelming. And spending the last 5 odd years with the privilege of Customer Care Services and 24X7 Support, being devoid of those with respect to my un-completely-willing subscription to Adulthood seemed suddenly startling.

That, and other such ideas buzzing in my head gave rise to – The Dainty Diaries
[Clarification: You’re likely to enjoy it, irrespective of your “dainty-ness”]

So hello from Ishika Mukherjee, an Architect and a Writer by profession, also a self proclaimed environmentalist, active feminist, and ambivalent millennial; and welcome to my thoughts, ideas, stories and inspirations. This platform is an aid to reach out, to inspire, and get inspired by all the dreamers, the creators, the passionate do-ers, and the learning try-ers.
Piecing together the blocks as we design life to be our best masterpiece.

As you walk (or click) into my blog today, I’m hoping you’ll learn something new, or I’ll learn something new from you. And with the amalgamation of our ambitions, opinions and notions, we’ll seek to envision a better life, in a better world.

Shall we? 🌸